While life is a journey not a destination, it is going to and on these destinations that is part of the journey to Finding our Bliss.

Join me, Joelle St. Germaine, on these destinations within our journeys to heal and awaken our mind, body, and souls. Throughout the year, I am offering new destinations through retreats, intensive workshops, certification courses, webinars, and online courses to locations throughout this beautiful planet where we are able to come together in joy, friendship, love, and bliss.

Along with my business partner, Robin Rose, we are using our combined 50 years of event coordinating and production experience and are offering a number of mastermind courses throughout the year to help attendees with creating their own events.

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Throughout the year, I will be offering a 1-2 retreats in different areas of the world. Each retreat will have a different theme, such as empowerment, transformation, freedom, and creativity with our main focus being find our bliss. Our next retreat is to Scotland in June of  2020.

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Infinite Possibilities ~ Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Join us at Unity of Pompano Beach Spiritual Center on January 11, 2020 for a 1-Day Manifestation event with our line-up of powerful presenters including Sheila & Marcus Gillette with THEO, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Lee Ann Somers, Deirdre Abrami, and Rev. Lawrence Palmer & Bev Spivey and performances by Lumizone.

Life is meant to be easy, abundant, fun, and energetic! We don’t have to work so hard to create what we want, and now is the perfect time to tap into our creative power so that we can abundantly manifest the happiness, the joy, and well-being that lives inside us. Isn’t it time that you manifested the life you always dreamed of?

Being a part of this transformational event will open you to a whole new world of possibilities, and these presenters make manifesting look easy!

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Workshops and Classes

Throughout the year, I will be offering a number of courses both online and in person to help attendees with finding their bliss either through creating their own events or through certification programs.

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Create Life-Changing Lucrative Events Mastermind ~ October 26th & 27th, Denver Colorado

Think It! Create It! Sell It Out! This 2-day Mastermind is designed to give you all you need to get started on creating a large range of Live events. From figuring out your niche, to finding the right venue, to uncovering your personal/business strengths, and to creating contracts that serve and protect you, you'll walk away ready and able to realize your dreams of creating Live Events.