While life is a journey not a destination, it is going to and on these destinations that is part of the journey to Embracing Your Authentic Self.

Join me, Joelle St. Germaine, on these destinations within our journeys to heal and awaken our mind, body, and souls. Throughout the year, I am offering new destinations through retreats, intensive workshops, certification courses, webinars, and online courses to spiritual and inspirational locations throughout this beautiful planet, within our minds and hearts, and so much more.

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Throughout the year, I will be offering a 1-2 retreats in different areas of the world. Each retreat will have a different focus, such as empowerment, transformation, freedom, creativity, and so on. Our next retreat is to Hawaii from October 18-22, 2019.

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Angelic Communication Specialist Courses

Introducing the Angelic Communication Specialist Certification Program taught by Joelle St. Germaine and Robin Rose. This series of 4-week online training classes begins with the Clearing the Path introductory course followed by Angels & Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Gods & Goddesses courses. Through these courses, students will become Angelic Communication Specialists using combinations of many tools so that they can get and give the clearest messages from Spirit possible.

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Workshops and Classes

Throughout the year, I will be offering a number of Angel Communication Specialist trainings and certified courses, as well as webinars and online courses. Upcoming webinars and online classes include: Creating Powerful Affirmations, Keys to Manifesting, Transforming Your Life with the Violet Flame, Healthy Communication, Working with Your Guardian Archangel, Empowering Your Self Worth, The Power of Forgiveness, Transformation Through Creativity, The Power of the Lord’s Prayer, Connecting to the Universal Heart Center – Stonehenge, Staying Heart Centered.

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Women's retreat flyer

Celebrate Me! Women's Fall Equinox Retreat with Joelle St. Germaine & Robin Rose - September 20th-24th

Spend 4 beautiful days and nights in a lovely Upstate New York lakefront home exploring your inner soul, embracing the beauty of who you are, celebrating our power as women through…