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Joelle St. Germaine

My greatest desire is to help others to Embrace Their Authentic Selves, especially through retreats, intensive workshops, and one-on-one integrative transformational personal sessions where I assist the attendees and clients in releasing limiting beliefs, feelings, and traumas in the most loving ways possible. Throughout the last 20 years, I’ve trained, taught, and worked with some of the most highly sought after, powerful, and talented teachers, speakers, and healers, which has provided me with years of experience and knowledge, which I love to share with my students and clients.

I’ve been a teacher my whole life in one form or another and have always known that my path is to assist humanity in reconnecting and embracing their authentic nature.  I have been blessed to not only teach and lead events but to also assist other teachers, speakers, and healers to bring their work to humanity by coordinating and assisting them with their events and helping them reach the masses with their messages.

However, my heart kept telling me I had more to do and more people to reach, and two years ago I finally said yes to my inner guide and accepted my path as a teacher and speaker instead of being behind scenes. Now that I have accepted my true calling, I find that I can clearly and fully embrace my authentic self with ease and teach others to do the same.  Through the transformation I witness with my clients and groups, I’ve come to realize that my joy is in truly helping others on their personal journeys. I would love to join you on your journey and together unlock the desires of your heart, so you too can live in your most vibrant and authentic self.

Joelle St. Germaine is a teacher, event coordinator, producer, coach, and gifted healer trained in Swedish massage, reflexology, acupressure, cranial sacral, Reiki, ThetaHealing, creating fulfilling relationships, the seven healing rays, manifestation, and Angel Healing all of which she uses in her integrative transformational personal sessions. For the last 18 years, she has been focusing her teachings and talents on Spiritual Awareness and Healing Arts projects and events. During this time, Joelle has also combined her knowledge and communication skills as a teacher, event coordinator, and agent for herself and other spiritual teachers, healers, and organizations coordinating and booking tours and events in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Monaco, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and Brazil.

Joelle is also a talented and creative television producer with over 20 years production and post-production experience as a producer, director, editor, and professor with both her BS ’89 and MA ’97 from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.


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