Sacred Destinations

Throughout the year, I will be offering a number of women’s retreats and sacred pilgrimages in different areas of the world. Each destination will have a different focus, such as healing the heart and soul, freedom, empowerment, transformation, and so on. Each location or locations will be chosen with focus in mind.

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Online Destinations

Our online sacred destinations is a series of online webinar courses. Upcoming webinars include: Creating Powerful Affirmations, Keys to Manifesting, Transforming Your Life with the Violet Flame, Healthy Communication, Working with Your Guardian Archangel, Empowering Your Self Worth, The Power of Forgiveness, Transformation Through Creativity, The Power of the Lord’s Prayer, Connecting to the Universal Heart Center – Stonehenge, Staying Heart Centered.

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Blogs & Videos

Throughout each month, I will upload free blog and video messages and tips covering all types of topics, including healing, spirituality, angels, fairies, sacred sites, manifesting, ascended masters, and much more.

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While life is a journey not a destination, it is going to and on these destinations that is part of the journey.

Join me, Joelle St. Germaine, on these destinations within our journeys to heal and awaken our mind, body, and souls. Every month, I am offering new destinations through sacred retreats and journeys to spiritual and inspirational locations throughout this beautiful planet, video messages, webinars, online classes, books, or day long mini-retreats -- plus so much more.


Upcoming Sacred Pilgrimages

Join us as we open hearts, mind, and souls and journey to some of the most sacred destinations in the world...I am so excited about our sacred pilgrimages in 2018. The first one is for two weeks in France and England experiencing the sacred sites of Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. The second journey is a week long women's retreat to Lourdes, France.